Simplified Security Management

Sentinel provides more than just malware protection. Our managed antivirus solution includes a fully featured two-way firewall, intrusion detection, anti-phishing, web filtering, and user application control. This comprehensive functionality is essential in blocking increasingly diverse threats from infecting endpoints.

When paired with the rest of the Fortress Secure Endpoint solution, Sentinel delivers complete awareness through a single pane of glass.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Replacing any widely used system can be daunting. Sentinel removes the hassle by deploying at the click of a button and automatically uninstalling most legacy endpoint clients. Sentinel also provides simple remote deployment by device or device group, ensuring bandwidth-friendly mass rollout and signature file updates. Additionally, we can schedule the deployment and reboots at your discretion.

Always on Guard

Centralized monitoring unifies the information of all protected endpoints across your environment, allowing our Security Operations Center to take actions in real time. After the initial triage of an alert, we follow prescribed remediation and escalation as defined by you.

Settings are defined centrally and applied to each device upon installation of the endpoint security software, significantly decreasing setup time. Different profiles can be defined by group in order to manage different user and device populations.

Sentinel automatically downloads the latest detection updates even if a device is temporarily outside its internal network. Our Security Operations Center can spot systems with outdated software and intervene to ensure that they are protected. This provides maximum protection anywhere, anytime.

Minimize costly outages in your environment by reducing downtime and controlling the use of unproductive or banned applications.