Effective Audit Defense

Our team of ex-auditors can work with you to establish a factual and independent verification of your software license position. This true compliance status will often differ from that of the auditor who will have assumed worst-case scenarios in the evaluations. Using your actual compliance position, we negotiate the settlements, often reducing the financial penalty by over 75% or, in some cases, eliminating any settlement fees entirely.

Maintain Software License Compliance

Across the world, organizations are unsure of their licensing status for major publishers such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Quest, Microfocus, and others. Are we purchasing under the right license models? Are we overspending? Are we compliant? Can we respond to an audit with minimal disruption?
An internal audit by our Software Asset Management experts will help you to understand your licensing position for any of your software publishers, proactively address non-compliance issues, minimize the risk of financial penalties from a real-life software license audit, and highlight realistic savings you could achieve. 

Optimize Spending

Effective license management allows you to minimize software spend by purchasing under the right licensing models, exploiting contractual rights, satisfying new requests from reclaimed unused licenses, and avoiding compliance true-ups.  

Our team of experts can baseline licensing position for any of your software publishers, work with you to identify and reclaim unused software, provide recommendations for optimizing software-related spending, provide recommendations for remediating non-compliance (at no cost or lowest cost) and advise on the right mix of license types for your organization.

Negotiate Better Contracts

Studies have shown that most organizations overspend on software by more than 20% across the board. Software license contracts are often dozens of pages and each publisher includes unique clauses or license metrics. It’s not surprising that negotiating the best deal every time is extremely challenging.
Our experts help your organization with new software contracts and renewals by baselining your current software position, defining your business requirements, establishing a negotiation strategy, and ensuring a fully cost-optimized agreement with minimized audit risk.  

Expertise and Independence

Our team of Software License and Compliance Masters are all former auditors from software publishers and major audit firms who retain strong credentials in software licensing. Expertise includes: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, Autodesk, BMC, CA Technologies, Citrix, Corel, Dell EMC, Dassault Systems, IBM Redhat, Infor, OpenText, Quest, Salesforce, SAS Software AG, SUSE, Symantec, Tibco, Veritas, VMWare,  Micro Focus (HPE / Attachmate / Novell), and others.
Our Software Asset Management services are independent of revenue generation from software sales which enables us to truly optimize expenditures for our clients.