Cybersecurity core competency is achieved when all assets are identifiable for IT to secure.


Operational core competency is achieved when IT services are procured and supported in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Financial management core competency is achieved when the investment in IT maximizes the investment in technology and the productivity of the organization’s employees.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance core competency is achieved when the organization clearly understands how IT assets and information flow through the organization.

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Are you facing these challenges?
  • Do you have clear insight into your organization's investment in IT?
  • Are you increasing shareholder value through technology?
  • Do you have confidence in your IT risk mitigation strategy and execution?
  • Are your corporate goverance requirements being aided by or placed in jeopardy by IT?
  • Is your board becoming more curious on how IT exposes the organization to risk?
  • Are you achieving the appropriate performance of your IT investment relative to your industry?

ITAM addresses these challenges and more by taking a proactive approach to managing IT assets from need to use to disposal and beyond.