Why Cyber Security Matters to Small Businesses

Cyber Security Matters to Small Business

Earlier this month, Cleveland.com reported on a data breach experienced by a beloved Cleveland confectioner. In early March, a Cleveland chocolatier received concerned messages from customers who recently purchased goods on the company’s website. Several clients who ordered treats online noticed irregular withdrawals and purchases from their bank accounts after doing business with the company.

The customer claims were investigated immediately and it was determined that the company’s online store had been hacked. Reports of the breach state information from over 3,400 customers had been accessed and stolen. The stolen information was encompassing of customers’ full names, street addresses, and credit card numbers and security codes.

The company’s ecommerce site was taken down for several days during the company’s busy Easter season to fix the security vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals. A statement was released by the company alerting customers of the data breach and a 24 hour call center was created to provide assistance to those impacted by the breach.

Data breaches at mega-firms are heavily reported, however, this attack is evidence that small businesses are also targets for cybercriminals. In fact, small businesses are ideal targets for cybercrime as they typically have less formal security programs and training, and are less likely to have security professionals on-staff to help monitor suspicious activity.

There is good news, however. With help from MCPc, implementing a robust security program is a realistic goal for small businesses.

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