MCPc invests in students to fill the IT talent gap

MCPc invests in students to fill the IT talent gap



The Challenge

This Washington Post article points out the challenges faced by many in the IT industry and in business in general as we seek to provide service levels and secure our environments from the growing threat of global hackers seeking to exploit the data housed in systems at our organizations.  At MCPc, where security is at the heart of our solutions, we find the same challenges in getting access to the right talent to keep up with the global threat of hackers. 

MCPc's Response

MCPc has created investments in cyber talent at the collegiate level and seeks to support high school programs teaching computer technology. At Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA MCPc has created the MCPc Cyber Education Center as part of the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences. As part of the program, students are given the opportunity to intern as part of the live security operations center located within the Cyber Education Center.  Getting access to some of the best and brightest in the cyber program is already making an impact on our operations.  We look forward to what is yet to come from this partnership.  

At the high school level, we are giving classes a behind the scenes look at what MCPc does and how IT and cyber security services impact our clients.  It is our hope that this look behind the scenes and discussions about careers in the IT field will excite and inspire further IT career exploration and education.  In addition, we have incorporated a number of entry-level roles that can be filled with a high school IT education at our Secure Technology Asset Disposition Center in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn Neighborhood.  MCPc will provide education and training for these roles that will grow careers and fill a needed gap for technology professionals. 

These efforts, in addition to traditional recruiting, create a multi-faceted approach to filling the gaps needed for our continued growth and the cyber protection of our customers.

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