Why a Blog about Power?

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Welcome to MCPc, Inc.’s new Power Blog!

You are probably asking yourself, “Why blog about power?” The answer is actually an easy one. While there are many technical engineers in an organization’s Information Technology department, very few have a solid background in power management solutions. Most internal technical resources focus on networking, server solutions, unified communications, storage, converged infrastructure/virtualization, applications, or end user compute. Power Management from the desk top to the data center is a topic that is usually an afterthought. It is thought about after everything else has been addressed. Then, just before an order for the solution is placed, some asks, “What about power?” It is at this point that the power solution is retro-fitted to conform to the solution at hand as opposed to it being an integral part of the overall solution. This typically leads to under or over sizing of the UPSs, inefficient cooling, and ineffective cable management.

As a result of the above scenario, which we have seen all too often, we have created this blog in an effort to provide you, the reader, with pertinent information and education as it relates to power management solutions. We will be presenting topics ranging from the basics of power (what power really is and what is wrong with it) to powering the converged infrastructure and virtualized environments and everything in between.

In today’s business environment when users want access to their applications and data 24/7 365, power management solutions are even more critical to an organization’s Information Technology departments success in providing their customers (internal and external) access to the information they require to drive the organization forward.

Stop back soon for our next topic: “Electricity – The Basic” where we explain in plain English what is the composition of your electricity.
Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking about their power, until it isn’t available.! The same holds true at the desktop and the data center!

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