Data Center Hostage Negotiations

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You may not think about it, but you may be being held hostage by your data center.  It will not be as obvious as a ransom note that says “Place $100,000 in small bills in a bag outside the data center door.”  You know exactly what door I am talking about.  It’s that room somewhere in the center of your office that only the “techie” people go into.  There is a humming sound that always comes from that door and when it opens, you get a blast of cold air.

No, the ransom note does not come in that form. The ransom note comes many times throughout the year.  Sometimes you plan for it, other times it comes rather unexpectedly.  It comes with your monthly power bill.  It comes with your equipment maintenance bill.  You plan for those.  You do not plan for the failed AC unit that keeps your equipment from overheating.  You do not plan for the failed UPS that drops power to all of your equipment.  Having frequent power outages?  Better buy a generator that you did not budget for.

For these events and for many others, you are being held hostage by your on premise data center because you do not have a choice.  Your business runs on systems that are in that data center.  You must pay the ransom or you will be out of business.  It is that simple.  You are being held hostage by your data center at it is sitting right down the hall from you.

Here are a few rules to live by when held hostage by your on premise data center:

Assess the Situation.
  • Review and understand the current situation. 
  • Determine how you got into this position. 
  • Are you obtaining all of the value possible and leveraging your assets properly? 
  • Are you spending more time on IT and less time on our core business? 
Don’t let your emotions get in the way. 
  • It is your data and your equipment and you paid for it.  There is no way that you want this out of your sight.  On the surface this makes sense.  However, unless you are in the IT business, this is most likely is a distraction for you. 
  • Find a facility that is highly available, secure and has all of the proper processes in place.
It is a financial decision
  • Any system can system can fail at any time. 
  • Power, cooling and security are vital to your systems. 
  • Any failure requires immediate attention and resolution.  You do not have time to shop for the best deal or issue an RFP for a failed AC unit.
  • Pay a monthly fee to have SLAs put into place for a stable and consistent environment. Turn the unexpected expenses into predictable and budgeted expenses.
Negotiate from a position of strength.
  • The proper time to look at options is prior to the emergency.  While this seems obvious, this is often overlooked. 
  • Bring in a partner that you trust to assess your environment and make recommendations.  In many cases, some of the options presented may be part of a long term strategy and not simply a quick fix. 
  • When in an emergency situation, speed is the key.
Release the hostage.
  • Work with the right partner that not only has the proper facilities, but also the people and the experience to develop and implement the right solution for your business. 
  • This could mean a small subset of your data moves out of your building (like backups), or your significant compute and applications move out. 
  • You may even go all in and move everything out of your building into a purpose built data center. 
  • There is no one size fits all solution.

Working with MCPc, we can do what none of our competitors can do.  Our services span from the desktop to the data center (and everything in between).  Remember, it is not just about the floor space.  It is about having the people with the experience and the knowledge, as well as having the facilities to help drive your desired business outcomes.  We have the people, we have the experience, and we have the facilities.

Take control of your data center and be a victim no longer.

Dominic Del Balso is the Vice President of MCPc's Advanced Technology Group, dedicating their time and energy into helping clients create outstanding, efficient data centers, networking, and end-to-end technology solutions.

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