What does it mean to change the game?

1/29/2014 | Blog Post | 0 Comments |Mike Trebilcock
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

~ Winston Churchill

            This past January 9th, we were left asking ourselves: “What does it mean to change the game?” We hosted one of the largest information technology conferences in the Midwest, and had more than a thousand people descend upon Cleveland to listen to A-List technology celebrities. All this happened during one of the sharpest cold snaps in recent history. That’s meaningful. Our local newspaper was in awe at the dedication of our participants who braved the elements to come. CRN, the gold standard in journalism for the IT industry, covered the entire thing intently. They even presented us with an award for Business Transformation of the Year. More than 40 IT partners took part in it with a world-class Solution Expo. It was incredible.

            Now that the dust has settled, I am left thinking about Game Changers as an event, and I am left asking: what does it mean to simply make changes? I think being able to make real changes is profound. We live in a world of constant change, and many people acknowledge that it is difficult to keep up. That acknowledgement is passive, and reflects a collective understanding that failing to change with the times is almost forgivable. Well, as our mission statement reads, it’s our job to “challenge the status quo.” I guess by all accounts, we’ve put ourselves to the task of shaking things up and making change.

            The term “game changer” is bandied about pretty freely in the corporate lexicon these days. Go ahead. Google it. Millions of hits, all over the world in dozens of languages. I am left to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if we call ourselves “game changers,” “trend setters,” or “mold breakers.” It comes down to the substance of your actions and your direction.

            The first three days leading up to Game Changers, MCPc had a national kick off that included a detailed investigation of our business and how we see technology changing in the future. That’s the stuff that we are most proud of – not only the inclination, but the ability to make changes to keep up with the world. We are creating reference architectures that are rock solid so we can offer even better proven solutions to our clients. It all amounts to refining our practice – refining our game. We want to produce the right kind of stuff and implement it correctly, every time. It’s the reputation we’ve built, and now we seek to refine.

            I want to thank all of our employees for their enthusiastic participation at our national kick off, and also to all of our guests at the Game Changers event. It yielded a huge benefit for our company, and spurred changes and growth, which are absolutely welcome. But as I’ve said before: change is hard and growth can be painful. It’s the character of a company that ultimately defines who we are, and how we deal with those difficulties. Like Churchill reflected about how we view difficulties, our team of Game Changers sees nothing but opportunity. 

Mike Trebilcock Mike Trebilcock is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MCPc. Trebilcock has been a leader in the IT industry for more than 25 years with sales and management experience in many entrepreneurial roles. MCPc is driven by Trebilcock’s values, vision and leadership in setting the standard of excellence. 
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