FBI Chief, National Security Lawyer Headlines BusinessTECH18

Today’s BusinessTECH18 Speaker Profile is on John Carlin, the keynote luncheon speaker, who served top-level positions in both Republican and Democratic administrations, most recently as Assistant Attorney General for National Security, the DOJ’s highest-ranking national security lawyer, in the Obama administration.  In this capacity, he oversaw nearly 400 employees responsible for protecting the nation against terrorism, espionage, and cyber and other national security threats. 
Prior to his post at Justice, he was chief of staff to then FBI Director Robert Mueller.
Perhaps his most prominent case at Justice the Boston Marathon bombing. Broadly, under his leadership at DOJ, the NSD:
  • Created a threat analysis team to study potential national security challenges posed by the Internet of Things;
  • Launched a nationwide outreach effort across industries to raise awareness of national security, cyber, and espionage threats against American companies and encourage greater C-suite involvement in corporate cyber security matters;
  • Oversaw DOJ’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, responsible for investigating and prosecuting espionage cases, cases involving the illegal export of military and strategic commodities, and cases involving certain cyber-related activity; 
  • Led investigations into breaches of public and private sector e-mail systems and protocol;
  • Oversaw the efforts of the National Security Cyber Specialist Network and the National Security/Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council program;
  • Disrupted multiple terrorist plots and national security threats, bringing those involved to justice;
As Director Mueller’s Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel,  he helped lead the FBI’s evolution to meet growing and changing national security threats, including cyber threats. 
Mr. Carlin is an inaugural Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs’ Homeland Security Project, focused on the unique challenges and choices around protecting the American homeland. He also chairs the Aspen Institute’s Cybersecurity and Technology policy program, which provides a cross-disciplinary forum for industry, government, and media to address the rapidly developing landscape of digital threats and craft appropriate policy solutions.
His book, Dawn of the Code War, will be released two days prior to his appearance at BusinessTECH18.