Establish New Technology as a Standard Corporate Device

PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE has 25,000 employees in 450 locations throughout the United States.  The growing list of employees who used Apple devices functioned as if they were marooned, unable to connect to any corporate infrastructure including the wireless network or file shares. In addition, they were not provided service desk support and were forced to be self-sufficient.
Progressive turned to MCPc with these business priorities:
  • Establish Apple as a standard corporate device, alongside traditional Windows-based devices
  • Devise solutions and services on Apple technology that meet the stringent security requirements and regulatory compliance within the insurance industry
Progressive turned to MCPc with these IT priorities:
  • Devise a solution that would allow Marketing and Creative Services departments as well as software developers to perform daily responsibilities using Apple devices and software
  • Deliver high service levels to users of Apple hardware
  • Integrate into existing processes one around the procurement, deployment and retirement of Apple and other devices
  • Integrate into BMC Remedy proprietary application server asset management, moves, adds and changes
How MCPc responded:
  • Provided an integrated, comprehensive turn-key solution to support Progressive’s growing Apple environment
  • Integrated, secured and managed Apple devices
  • Developed a functional design document to prescribe an approach to secure and support Apple devices in a manner similar to WinTel devices
  • MCPc thereafter implemented a compliant environment and a service-level driven engagement
  • Provided Level I and Level II telephone and desk side support
  • Created service levels for order-to-desk side delivery of new devices, stipulating in many cases 30 minute to 4-hour service levels for incident response and resolution
  • Set protocols to maintain and upkeep the Progressive Apple image, including applying security updates on an as-needed basis
  • Provided regular product roadmap discussions, working with Progressive Insurance as hardware and software are updated by Apple.
Why Progressive values MCPc:
  • MCPc was critical in crafting Progressive’s design document
  • Maintained strong project management and high customer satisfaction ratings throughout entire project creation & execution
  • Transitioned seamlessly from project- to a steady-state program
  • Met and understood Progressive’s security requirements, and translated those requirements into a sustainable solution
  • Provided seamless integration into Progressive’s existing tools and processes
  • Exhibited flexibility in customizing an approach to meet specific requirements
  • Willingness to enter into a penalty-based service level agreement
  • Developed a comprehensive scorecard to report results against 10 service levels and key performance indicators