Meet Our 2022 MCPc Interns!

This summer, MCPc welcomed several interns to various departments in our Cleveland locations. We strong believe in developing future technology professionals and leaders and our interns have brought a fresh perspective and incredible energy and enthusiasm to our company. Let’s meet our 2022 summer interns.

Kevin Dong, Business Applications Intern Kevin-(1).jpg

Ohio State University - 2024
Major - Computer Science and Engineering
“I will be a Business Applications intern and I am most excited about working and collaborating with a team, something that I have never done in a professional setting. I chose this major because I grew up with computers around me, so I naturally have a curiosity towards computers and technology. An interesting fact about me is my parents own a Chinese restaurant in North Ridgeville and that is where I grew up!”

Erin Croniger, Business Documentation Intern Erin.jpg

Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) - 2024
Major: Computer and Electronic Engineering
“The reason I chose my major was because I have always loved math and physics and in a college design class we built and programmed autonomous buggies and I fell in love with Computer and Electronics Engineering. I am the Business Documentation Intern for the Service Delivery Team. We are currently restructuring internally and I am assisting with the documentation of this transition. I have also jumped on other projects during my time here; I am the point of contact for the UH Epic Hardware Deployment project and assist with some invoicing for another project. I am most excited about learning professional skills and management from my team. A fun fact about me is I am a huge Jane Austen fan! I have read all her books and love every movie adaptation. My favorite part of the internship so far is the people I have worked with and how my tasks have evolved. The variety of roles I fulfill in different projects has given me a better understanding of Service Delivery and MCPc as a company. I have also had the opportunity to view all our facilities in Cleveland and meet people in all different departments. Everyone has been very welcoming, always available to assist me and answer questions.”

Madison Florez, Marketing Intern Madison.png

University of Kentucky – 2024
Double Major: Marketing and Management
Minor: Psychology
“I am one of the Marketing Interns this summer, I am most excited about having the opportunity to learn and grow all while forming impactful skills to help me in the future. I chose to go into marketing because I enjoy having the chance to be creative while focusing on customer and business success. My favorite part of this internship so far would have to be having the chance to see your ideas come to life and being creative with everything, even when it comes to excel sheets. An interesting fact about me is that I love to go hiking and skiing!”

Oliver Clingain, Marketing Intern Oliver.jpg

Hiram College - 2022
Double Major: Management and Communications
“I chose my two majors due to the vast number of opportunities they both can provide. They truly have helped me develop an understanding of what a business requires inside and out. Over the summer, I will be working as an intern in the marketing department. The aspect of this experience I am most excited about is expanding my knowledge of what is required to grow a business and gain new customers. My favorite part of the internship so far has been working in such an involved environment. Being in the office and apart of the team has provided me with a ton of experience and appreciation for what goes into marketing behind the scenes.  An interesting fact of mine is that I was a four-year member of the men’s basketball team at Hiram College.”

Beth Brady, Graphic Design Intern Beth.png

Mercyhurst University - 2022
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Social Media & Web Communications
“I chose my major because I love being able to bring ideas to life and being able to use my creativity in whatever work I do, and graphic design was something that allowed me to do that! In this internship, I will help create designs that support all different areas of MCPc, which will allow me to build more experience in design, corporate branding, and even marketing. I'm excited to learn more about the MCPc brand and culture and to work with great coworkers and mentors. My favorite part of the internship so far has been collaborating with the marketing team and gaining new friends and mentors through the teamwork we do. A fun fact about me is I enjoy crocheting clothes and blankets!“

Selena Spencer, Configuration Intern Selena.png

University of Akron – 2025
Major: Chemical Engineering
“I was gifted with a love for math and science, so I knew I was going to go into a STEM field at a young age. I picked chemical engineering because of the variety of jobs I can do with the degree. I can work in oil, food, construction, environmental study… the possibilities are endless. During this internship I will be configuring systems for MCPc customers. I’m excited because I love the environment and my coworkers in the lab. A fun fact about myself is I am currently the Vice President of the Nation Society of Black Engineering at the University of Akron.”

Edward McNamara, Configuration Intern

Graduating 2024
Major: Software Development
“Technology has always been a major interest for me and doing something that contributes to that is a dream of mine.  I will be in the configuration lab and I plan on learning everything there is to know about computers. A fun fact about me is I like to write songs in my free time.”


Not Pictured: Maxwell Montisano, Logistics Intern