HHS Releases Cybersecurity Practices for the Health Industry


The Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) publication from Health and Human Services (HHS) points out the growing need of Healthcare organizations to pay special attention to cybersecurity, not only for the traditional PC, but, more importantly, the technologies used in supporting and saving lives in the patient room every day. More and more devices in the health system are becoming “smart,” exposing and opening more doors for “bad guys” to gain access to patient data. 

The vectors now exposed due to the sheer growth of the number of devices hitting the network are happening faster than the health systems can support.  And most of these devices are hitting the network without IT even knowing. As HICP points out, health systems have to rely on these organizations for education and  partnerships from the public industries that specialize in cybersecurity to combat against these exposures. At MCPc, we specialize in helping our Healthcare partners identify these risks and create a customized plan to close these vectors and educate the end user and IT on what the potential risks are for the health system. To read HHS's recent article, click here.

Are you interested in creating a solid Healthcare Security position for your organization? Download our white paper to learn more. 

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