MCPc Infographics Illustrate Cybersecurity Facts and Statistics

Cybersecurity is a complex topic.
Every business that manages data is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, and the mission of MCPc is to lead organizations into a future where all technology is protected and immune to data risk.
In order to help organizations manage the security risks of information technology, we first have to illustrate what the risks are, and how they can impact a business. There are a seemingly unlimited number of cybersecurity facts, figures, and statistics out there, and quite honestly, they can be kind of mind-numbing after a while.
It’s our responsibility to simplify them and make them impactful and interesting so that they can inform and educate.
We’ve created many infographics over the past several months, and we invite you to share them with your professional contacts and colleagues, and with friends and family. Being more secure online is a shared responsibility and creating a safer cyber environment requires everyone’s help.


The Cyber Threat Universe

Cyberspace can be a dangerous place! Understanding the cyber threats that fill our universe can help you avoid them.


IT Asset Management is Data Management

IT Asset Management gives you strategic insight into your computing and network devices and their whereabouts, business uses, costs and security profiles.


Think Like a Hacker to Prevent a Cyber-Attack

Looking at your cybersecurity systems through the eyes of a hacker can help you better understand your weaknesses.


The Hacker's Jukebox

Every year, new records are set regarding data breaches, so we wondered, what records would we find in a hacker's jukebox?


Healthcare Cybersecurity Prognosis

Healthcare is the most exposed industry to cyber-attacks. Find out why.


Let's Go Phishing! A Guide to Phishing Attacks

A guide to the many ways hackers use phishing to trick people into revealing personal information.


What Will A Data Breach Cost You?

Determining what a data breach will cost you is mainly educated guessing, but we provide some potential costs to guide your estimations.

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MCPc is a global data protection company that helps organizations dramatically minimize their risk of disruption from unforeseen events like cyber-attacks. Our goal is to help every client achieve the highest degree of security and the least amount of risk their organization can afford, or what we call, SecurityCertainty SM.