Tech Talk With Geoff Green

Geoff Green, MCPc’s Chief Technology Officer, Talks about Managing Solutions – and Customer Outcomes 

As CTO, Geoff is responsible for technical vision and product direction for MCPc’s Managed Services.  He joined MCPc in 2011, bringing over 20 years of cloud & enterprise datacenter infrastructure implementation and architecture experience. Since coming to MCPc, he has been instrumental in leading the charge to develop MCPc’s Managed Security Services into the robust offering it is today. Geoff is a devoted husband and proud dad who relaxes by designing and building detailed Lego models, especially Star Wars, and playing Axis & Allies with his son. His colleagues say that what truly distinguishes Geoff’s approach is a focus on what outcomes MCPc delivers – versus services provided – to its customers.   

Q: One of the Managed Security Services that you’ve helped bring to our customers is one that you’ve dubbed Fortress Endpoint Management Suite. Sounds secure. What is it? 
A.  Well, I was almost tempted to call it a “User Productivity Suite”. 

Q. How’s that?
A.  Finding the time and resources to dedicate to preventative maintenance and security can be challenging for our customers. Failing to perform the basic maintenance of any tool can cause failures, downtime, or cybersecurity risks. We believe awell-managed endpoint doesn’t stop at “management”. It should provide secure, reliable productivity to meet the needs of our customer’s users. When we deliver Fortress, we provide the preventative maintenance to ensure that your endpoints are protected and available, allowing your users to remain productive wherever they happen to be.

Q. So a little bit of “run your business, not your network”? 
A. Exactly!  

Q. So why did you ultimately call it Fortress? What does management have to do with security? 
A. A wise man once said to me that “Security is just management spelled with an S.” When we built the Fortress Endpoint Management Suite, we focused on the basics – monitoring, patching, and backup. We combined our Overwatch Endpoint Monitoring service, our Guardian Managed Patching service, and our Vault Managed Backup service together to protect both the security and productivity of our customers’ endpoints. 

Q. Basic, maybe, but critical stuff.
A.  Absolutely critical. With Overwatch, we’re able to monitor key system health and security indicators and provide important asset information and remote support capabilities to our customers to resolve issues before they impact users. By making sure that endpoints receive regular patches, Guardian helps close the known vulnerabilities that cyber threats target as well as improve the reliability and performance of our customer’s systems.

Q. Hence lowering Total Cost of Ownership.
A. Greatly lowering it. Studies show that the cost of a single lost notebook is nearly $50,000 when the time and effort required to recapture and restore data is considered. Can we reduce that?  We can. And we can protect the investment in the case the device goes down or gets- 

Q. Misplaced? 
A.  Ah, ya. Vault Endpoint Backup provides a simple, managed solution to backup important data quickly, reliably, and efficiently without adding unnecessary burden to internal IT departments. 

Q. What about virus protection?
A. For that we have Sentinel Managed Antivirus. Add it a la carte or upgrade to the Fortress Protection Suite.

Q. Good name. Not to be a name dropper, but I was having lunch with the nation’s first Secretary of Homeland Security recently- 
A. Sounds like name dropping to me.

Q. Yeah, well… he said there are two kinds of businesses today.  Either you have been hacked and you know it, or you have been hacked and you don’t know it. 
A. Smart man.  Perfect Security is not possible, which is why utilizing multiple tools is important. Sentinel can’t guarantee protection, but it mitigates risk of malware intrusion and puts your company squarely in the first category, where, if you have been hacked, MCPc is at your side 24x7x365, with Fortress and our trained and certified engineers.  

Q. Sounds like you’ve got a great lineup to help protect our customers investment in technology.
A. Absolutely. MCPc’s Fortress Secure Services are managed solutions that transfer the administrative burden associated with supporting and securing an environment away from our customers, allowing them to focus on more impactful technology and business objectives. We focus the right products, people, and processes on the daily challenges our customers’ face in managing the security and productivity of their end user devices.