Mitigate Cyber Risk

Maintaining a complete and up-to-date inventory of all hardware and software assets can reduce the risk of a data breach.

  • Assess and remediate vulnerabilities for security-deficient devices
  • Know which devices are in-house, remote, and/or data bearing
  • Identify patch level and missing patches
  • Decrease risk by resolving security issues faster

Improve Finance

Make data-driven financial decisions on your technology spend based on the history of an asset and its lifecycle. Maximize the most out of your technology investments, create future business spending and budgets, and eliminate overspending on software licenses.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Centralizing your data limits your liability risk. It is important to understand license agreements to avoid risk and to ensure compliance during software licensing audits. An IT asset management program helps organizations clearly understand how IT assets and information flow through the organization.

Optimize Efficiency

Understanding the role of your assets, their capabilities, and how they can be used most effectively helps you gain insight into their lifecycles, and understand when it’s time for repairs or maintenance, avoiding any major issues an outdated or compromised device could cause.

Can IT Asset Management help my organization?

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