Managing IT for a fast- growing HR solutions company


Group Management Services, or GMS, is a PEO providing HR, payroll, workers compensation, and benefits services to small businesses providing them a means to leverage the economies of scale usually exclusive to large corporations.

GMS needed an IT partner that could scale at the pace of GMS’ growth and a partner aligned with GMS IT strategy to simplify, integrate, and automate.


  • Incumbent IT provider could not keep up with GMS growing support needs
  • Constantly changing regulatory landscape
  • Constantly changing employees
  • Limited GMS IT documentation created a concern for major disruptions when onboarding a new IT partner


GMS’s engagement with Seamus Carr, and MCPc experts, led to:
  • Management of end-to-end compute for GMS, including day-to-day internal IT operations
  • Creation of consistency with how IT support interacts with GMS associates
  • Standardization of processes, hardware, software, and support procedures
  • Centralization patch management, antivirus, and monitoring with Fortress
  Seamus Carr, Account Manager


  • MCPc made onboarding smooth despite lack of existing IT documentation.
  • GMS now has IT support that can scale according to GMS’ aggressive growth plan.
  • GMS gained the ability to measure IT efficiency and collect data to be used for future business optimization.
  • Reduced exposure to risk of regulatory non-compliance and security breaches
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