Put a security force field around your election process.

Solve Your Data Security Compliances Thru One Proven Source.

Did you know that the State’s new data security requirement deadline is fast approaching?

Your County can meet the deadline to get into compliance with State data security requirements through MCPc:

  • Email Security: O365, .us/.gov, DMARK/DKIM/SPF, Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Assessment & Penetration Testing, Comprehensive Analysis & Remediation
  • Architectural Review and Recommendations
  • Training & Awareness: Best Practices/Rules & Regulations
  • SIEM Monitoring / 24/7/365 Security Operations Services
  • Procurement of New PCs, Secure Configuration, Windows10, Security Hardened
  • Sustainably dispose and recycle old technology: 100% Data Destruction, 0% Landfill

Beat the State deadline

with a Top 10 Managed Security Provider. 

Achieve SecurityCertainty with a Top 100 Managed Security Provider. 

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