Addressing your need for remote workforce computing

If you are challenged by a shortage of mobile computing devices or lack the capability to rapidly configure and deploy, MCPc is poised to help by:

  • Preparing your computer inventory by imaging, kitting, securing and deploying for home use
  • Updating your unused computers by reimaging, implementing endpoint security and deploying to remote locations
  • Assisting your IT department and employees in setting up secure access from home using the employee’s personal computers/devices 
  • Although supply is limited, procuring solutions for home use such as laptops, iPads and other solutions
Critical Note: Please inventory your remote assets to prevent potential security and financial loss in the future. Knowing where your digital assets are located, who is using them, and who has access to your network adds a layer of protection that all organizations need right now. If you need assistance in this, our IT Asset Management Group is ready to help.



Bryan Scheetz
Director Healthcare Solutions


Christopher Prewitt
Security Principal 
(440) 268-3225

Chuck Mackey
Senior Security Consultant
(440) 268-3133

IT Asset Management:

Lori Sechio
Chief Data Officer 
(440) 268-3081

Keith Rupnik
ITAM Senior Consultant 
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Financial Services and Legal:

Gunner Wagh
Security Principal
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Tricia Reddy
Business Solution Consultant

All others:

Tom Reddy
Senior Vice President of Sales
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