Enhanced Security Support for Remote Workers

We can help protect your data with 24/7 monitoring, managed patching, managed malware detection and overall endpoint protection.  Employees working from home and remote locations pose unique security needs and hackers are keenly aware of these vulnerabilities using clever new phishing lures:

  • Deploying malware via fake emails from hackers posing as regulatory institutions like the CDC.
  • Accessing links to COVID-19 maps that use browsers to access passwords, SS#, credit cards, etc.
  • Spreading false COVID-19 information through presumably reliable sources—i.e. Bloomberg

Critical Note: Please inventory your remote assets to prevent potential security and financial loss in the future. Knowing where your digital assets are located, who is using them, and who has access to your network adds a layer of protection that all organizations need right now. If you need assistance in this, our IT Asset Management Group is ready to help.

Please note MCPc’s Managed Security Solutions Group, Security Operations Center, and Cyber Command Center will be manned both physically and virtually 24/7.


Scott Farris
SVP, Security Services & CIO
(440) 268-3035

Ronnie Munn
Chief Information Security Officer
(440) 268-4297

Christopher Prewitt
Security Principal 
(440) 268-3225 

IT Asset Management:

Lori Sechio
Chief Data Officer 
(440) 268-3081 

Keith Rupnik
ITAM Senior Consultant 
(440) 268-3126