Back to the Office?

We’re giving you the keys to the DeLorean to plan your organizations’ future workforce strategy.

Welcome… to the future!

Back to the office? 100% remote? Hybrid?
There’s a lot to think through, including technology, security, processes, policies, and much more. MCPc is the single source for all your organization's hardware and software needs, helping you solve tomorrow’s business problems today.

Your endpoints are our starting point and we protect them so you can focus on running your business. Now, let’s plan your digital transformation together.


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This workforce technology strategy checklist can help you discover what you’ve got covered, what you might be missing, and what you need to plan for. If you answer “no” to any of these questions, we can help!

Supply Chain
____ Does each role have clearly defined device, software, and peripheral requirements?
____ Can you manage the setup of each device so that it is ready to use out of the box?
____ Do you have a defined process for reverse logistics to get hardware back?
____ Do you have a security policy that supports the added threats that come with a remote / hybrid workforce?
____ Do you have a remote patching program in place?
____ Do you use Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?
IT Asset Management
____ Do you have a scalable way to track devices? (who has what, where it is, what is on it, when it should be refreshed / retired)?
____ Can you remotely patch off-domain assets?
____ Can you keep track of all software licenses (costs, renewals, versions, etc.)?
Service Desk
____ Can your service desk service remote users?
____ Can you cover remote users in different time zones?
____ Can you remotely access all users’ devices?
____ Have remote / hybrid workforce implications been embedded into processes (collaboration tools, identity and access management, etc.)?
____ Do you have published policies for mobile device usage?
____ Do you have processes in place to onboard and train remote workers? 
User Experience
____ Are remote users equipped with self-service tools for password reset, application installation, or requesting access? 
____ How do users print? 
____ Do remote users need a static IP, firewall, and business-class connectivity?
Device Lifecycles
____ Do you have guidelines for when devices should be refreshed?
____ Can your staff handle refreshes? Are extra hours needed?
____ Do you have a process to get old devices back?
IT Asset Disposition
____ Have you lost assets because you couldn’t track them?
____ Do you have a process for data destruction on retired devices?
____ Can you prove data destruction?
This checklist is just a sample of the many considerations that go into developing a workforce technology strategy and is meant to be a starting point for planning discussions.