Information is one of your greatest resources, but in the healthcare industry, it is also one of your greatest challenges. Access to electronic health records allows doctors to provide effective and personalized patient care, but the threat of lost or leaked patient records puts healthcare providers at great risk and legal liability. Every MCPc service from procurement of equipment to data destruction, is implemented with security in mind so that you can smartly manage data access and healthcare IT security.


Effective communication and sharing of information is crucial among doctors, patients, administrators, and support staff. However, stringent federal and state laws and regulations, such as those issued under HIPAA, make the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) initiatives difficult. We provide healthcare IT solutions that enable large and growing health systems to share information and deliver services, all while staying compliant within the wide scope and complexity of industry regulations.


Technology is revolutionizing the way doctors approach patient care. Connected devices and services, like video consultations and 24/7 monitoring for certain patients, can have life-changing effects in the healthcare industry. A healthcare IT and technology strategy built on virtualization, collaboration, mobility, and security to create a more connected, efficient, and satisfying work experience for caregivers.