The safety of your students is of the utmost concern. The proliferation of devices and social media apps into the hands of the younger generation puts students at significant risk. Administrators need to keep data, such as grades and personal information, secure as well as keep inappropriate content out of a student’s reach. Every MCPc service, from procurement to data, is implemented with security in mind. You can focus on educating students while we help you keep them safe.


Today’s technology-savvy students need a more interactive and engaging learning environment. High-tech learning tools provide better opportunities, allowing quick access to the abundance of information available online. Students are more connected and engaged in a media-rich classroom that includes PCs and audio-visual technology. We combine mobility, video, and interactive technology to deliver a virtual classroom experience.


Educators need to communicate effectively with both students and parents. The right technology can help deliver essential communications quickly and efficiently and open up an environment of education collaboration. We will help you examine the current state of your environment and determine the steps needed to better align technologies with the vision of the education organization, allowing you take advantage of the variety of media available to ensure powerful, direct communications.