MCPc Family Charities

MCPc Family Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio. As the flagship charitable organization associated with MCPc, Inc., MCPc Family Charities embodies the MCPc corporate mission, vision, and values while supporting those in need, particularly families and children. 
Since its formation as a company, MCPc, Inc. has regularly supported a philanthropic mission in many forms. With the formation of MCPc Family Charities, MCPc, Inc. is proud to support and embrace the formal nonprofit model of giving, supporting more causes than ever before. 
In 2010, a handful of MCPc cycling enthusiasts got together to raise some money for a charitable bike race. Since then, TeamMCPc has raised nearly $500,000 for many causes, enlisting hundreds of riders, runners, golfers, and volunteers. 

TeamMCPc's efforts have expanded beyond the MCPc employee base, engaging families, friends, and business partners. You can find more at
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