About Us

MCPc helps clients empower their employees to work from anywhere and on any device through innovative end point computing architectures. The company’s heritage as a top 100 solution integrator has positioned it to become a thought leader in the rapidly expanding next generation Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.  As customers continue to expand their use of connected devices, MCPc will also continue to deploy and develop enhanced services around managing the intelligent device lifecycle in a proactive and efficient fashion. Headquartered in Cleveland, and with branch locations across the Midwest, MCPc maintains practice areas in lifecycle management services for End User Computing (EUC), virtual desktop services, device mobility solutions, IoT connected device management, technology oriented supply chain logistics management, imaging and printing, and professional and managed services.
With a focus on comprehensive Intelligent Device Management, MCPc ensures client success by leveraging IT to drive business performance, improve productivity and increase revenue. 

What do we do?

What do we do? In short: lots. MCPc is a company that works with businesses, schools, health care providers, and lots of other organizations to supply and orchestrate their technologies.

That means everything from putting tablets into the hands of physicians, students, and workers,  to the data center that hosts all of the information. We also manage all these items on an ongoing basis - and we keep close relationships with Silicon Valley and the global manufacturers who make the technology itself.

We're consultants and we're integrators. When you work with MCPc, you get the expertise needed to take a look at your business goals, and figure out what technologies work for you. At MCPc we give you the ability to access your apps and data, at any time, at any place - and we can handle all the stuff that happens in the background to support that.

Welcome to MCPc.

Our Mission

We exist to drive positive business results for our customers through practical problem solving that challenges the status quo.

Our Vision

We will be the premier trusted solution provider as measured by the strength of our people, customer relationships and business partnerships.

Our Values

We strive to have a well earned reputation for integrity, empathy, flexibility and teamwork.