Meet our 2018 Interns

MCPc welcomes our 2018 interns!

This summer 18 interns have joined MCPc. The interns hold positions in various departments in Cleveland (Skypark and Link59), Grand Rapids, and Erie (Mercyhurst University). Beth Stec, Director of Human Resources, stated that “we have found that interns bring new ideas and great energy to our workplace! We have also been fortunate enough to hire some into full-time positions upon graduation where they continue to contribute at high levels for years to come.” Join us in welcoming the 2018 interns!

Jason Adams - SOC Intern

Baldwin Wallace University - 2018
Major: Computer Networking/Security
Minor: Business Administration

“I chose my major because I always enjoyed reverse engineering old WIN-98 computers. I became interested after taking the Cisco Academy Vocational while in high school. During my MCPc internship, I will be focusing on service monitoring and reactive customer request management. An interesting fact about myself is that I own 11 tarantulas.”

Kendra Brown - Marketing Intern

Mercyhurst University - 2018
Major: Intelligence Studies
Minor: Psychology & Criminal Justice

“I was previously a contract analyst for the Department of Defense and an Intelligence research and teaching assistant at Mercyhurst. I am currently utilizing my research background in the marketing department by conducting market research analysis and working on business Intelligence projects. My secret talent is that I have a knack for memorization and strategy. I am excellent at board games.”


Ramon Clayton - Client Services Intern

Cleveland State University - 2020
Major: Information Systems
Minor: Spanish & Economics

“I chose my major because I studied Information Sciences and Technology for two years in high school and it opened up more options in terms of more tech-related positions. I heard about MCPc while at a conference hosted by my college. An interesting fact about myself is that I love the outdoors and am good at outdoor activities such as archery, kayaking, and climbing. You name it and I am probably good at it.”

Tyler Davis - Marketing Intern

Cleveland State University - 2019
Major: Business Administration (Focus: Marketing)
Minor: Management & International Business

“Since February, I have learned several things at MCPc that I expect to reference continuously throughout my entire career. My favorite thing about marketing is its universal ability to grow and optimize businesses in any industry. IT shares this quality in a sense that no matter what you are selling/providing, IT and marketing can help do it better.”

Dominic Del Balso Jr. - Client Services Intern

Lakeland Community College - 2020
Major: Computer Operating Systems & Networking Systems

“I chose my major because I have always had a passion for technology. I can remember when I was three years old using computers. I want to have a career in something I enjoy. MCPc is the perfect place for me to do this. I am a multiple year intern and have worked on projects with an electronic charter school and a large Cleveland hospital. An interesting fact is that I built a custom PC in high school.”


Vincent Delsanter - SOC Intern

University of Akron - 2019
Major: Programming and Development

“I have just recently been hired on full-time. I chose my major because I enjoy the programming field and it should help with day-to-day scripting at MCPc. Notable work includes completing the Cisco Networking Academy. An interesting fact about myself is that I just had a baby girl. My secret talent is that I have extremely good navigational skills.”

Bernard Garwig - Security Operations Intern

Mercyhurst University - 2020
Major: Intelligence Studies
Minor: Information Technology

“I was an intern at the US Army War College during the summer of 2017. I heard about MCPc when it and Mercyhurst began a venture last summer to build a security operations facility on campus. I will be working at the cybersecurity lab at Mercyhurst. My secret talent is that I have perfect pitch and can sing/play back anything. That makes me fairly good at impressions.”

Analise Johnson - Managed Services Intern

Ohio University - 2019
Major: Management Information Systems
Minor: Business Analytics & Sales

“I chose my major because IT is constantly growing and there is a lack of women in the field. In my internship I am currently helping IT increase its efficiency and reduce its onboarding time. I am also creating instructions for certain tasks and working with the sales team to meet customers. My secret talent is that I can pick things up with my toes.”

Ariel Kluding - Service Operations Intern

Lorain County Community College - 2019
Major: Marketing

“I go to Lorain County JVS for marketing. This improved my interpersonal communications that will impact my ability to perform daily tasks at MCPc. I currently work on client communications. By the end of my internship I hope to gain more experience in communications. An interesting fact about myself is that I was local parliamentarian for Business Professionals of America.”

Gregory Phillips - SOC Intern

Cleveland State University - 2021
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Music

“My most recent position was an internship at the Parker-Hannifin YMCA working with underprivileged children and creating workouts for them. In this internship, I am currently taking calls from customers/clients and help them fix their problems. An interesting fact about myself is that I have completed three Olympic triathlons and will complete a full Ironman in the next few years.”

Roberto Rodriguez - SOC Intern

Cleveland State University - 2020
Major: Information Systems

“I really love IT, and I believe I can apply skills acquired in school to help contribute to the growth of MCPc. During this internship, I am working as an analyst in the SOC and this consists of handling tickets and calls from our clients. An interesting fact about myself is that I can solve a Rubik's cube in an average time of 30 seconds. My personal best is 17.”

Tyler Rush - DCE Intern

Cleveland State University - 2020
Major: Information Systems

“I chose Information Systems as my major because it is a great tech major for the business environment. I work with the data center team and help with project onboarding. An interesting fact about myself is that I am a golfer.”


Jake Scheetz - SOC Intern

University of Dayton - 2021
Major: Pre-Medicine
Minor: Biology

“I chose pre-medicine as my major because I enjoy learning about how life functions and operates, amongst other things. I am currently in the SOC which is responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting, and triaging customer problems. By the end of this internship, I hope to gain better interpersonal skills with clients. An interesting fact about myself is that I can juggle.”


Brady Strumbel - Security Intern

Mercyhurst University - 2020
Major: Intelligence Studies
Minor: Political Sciences

“The Intelligence Studies major at Mercyhurst provides students with the skills that are necessary to improve our nation’s security. One of those skills is cybersecurity. MCPc protects data and provides other services to its clients, which is an area where I can provide input due to my major. I am currently a rower at Mercyhurst. Prior to college, I rowed at St. Edward High School.”


Maddie Winget - Marketing Intern

Ohio State University - 2018
Major: Strategic Communications
Minor: Professional Writing

“I chose my major because I am interested in marketing and public relations. My tasks include helping out with social media content, working on a video project that will showcase the new Link 59 facility, and research for MCPc’s channel sales group. An interesting fact about myself is that I danced competitively in middle and high school.”


Paul Woyat - Supply Chain Management Intern

Loyola University - 2019
Major: Supply Chain Management & Information Systems

“I chose both of my majors because I find them interesting and they are extremely important in understanding and efficiently running a business. At MCPc, it will help my understanding of the big picture of the company. An interesting fact about myself is that I was a tuba player at St. Ignatius High School.”


Not Pictured: Katelyn McGraw (Logistics) & Ryan Wilson (Finance)


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